Modernise your space with custom-made functional shutters

Design Curtains provides an extensive variety of custom-made shutters made from outstanding quality materials. We use the finest craftsmanship blended with customized designs for plantation shutters that will deliver a perfect fit for your window dimensions.

Made to Measure Window Shutters

Shutter’s can play a crucial role in styling and enhancing the look and feel of your space. When you think about choosing shutters for your windows, there are various factors that

you should consider. Factors like material, application, design and colours are significant features, which can transform your space along with defining your style.

Our professional design consulting team helps you choose the right application product that matches your living style and home decor With our plantation shutters,
you have the confidence that you have made a secure long-term investment.

Designs of Window Shutters 
Designed to Fit Your Lifes tyle

We offer a wide range of plantation window shutters from basswood material to speciality woods and composite durable synthetic shutters. A comprehensive consultation with our experienced design consultants will help you determine the right kind of window shutter which fits your window requirements. We understand that all windows are not the same so you need custom manufactured plantation shutters to fit the construction and the size of your particular window.

Our customized plantation shutters are known for their superior quality, durability and functionality. They are meant to give an elegant, stylish and aesthetically appealing transformation to your living space without losing functionality.

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